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We don’t stop at deliverability. We care about email performance.

Our Experts help you find and solve problems
other consultants don’t even detect.

Who are our Experts?

The 250ok Experts team has experience working for industry leaders like Adobe, AOL, Marketo, and Salesforce, and even direct experience working for our competitors. You’ll never have a junior-level “script-reader” on your business.

"Our calls with customers directly impact their success, and it's an honor to be a part of that growth."

Beth Kittle

Solutions Architect, Formerly Marketo & VerticalResponse

"Helping customers solve their problems hands-on is the most rewarding job I can ask for."

Sridhar Chandran

Solutions Architect, Former AOL Postmaster

"What I love most about deliverability is that it's always changing and there's always something new to learn."

LoriBeth "LB" Blair

Solutions Architect, Formerly ClickDimensions

What do they do? So glad you asked.

All customers receive a customized and hands-on Expert-lead onboarding.

STEP 1 Pre-Onboarding

Upon signing an agreement, our Experts set up your 250ok Reputation monitoring profiles using your sending IPs and domains, which can be used for Spamhaus checks, reporting dashboard creation, custom alerts, and more.

STEP 2 Onboarding

Upon account creation, this kick-off meeting is scheduled. This meeting includes discovery, use-case definition, administrator introduction, and a walkthrough of the platform and final integration steps.

STEP 3 Interpretation & Contextualization

Within the first 21 days, our Experts provide extensive product Q&A, customization of dashboard, alerts, and status checks on DMARC, design, reputation, inbox placement, etc.

STEP 4 Email Health Check

By day 30, our Experts will walk you through your Email Health Check report, providing insights and recommendations, Q&A, links to education programs, Knowledge Base, and more.

STEP 5 Ongoing Expert Support

Each quarter, you’ll join our Experts for a thorough review of the data in your 250ok account. If trouble arises between quarterly account reviews, 250ok Experts are available as needed for deliverability assistance.

Email Health Checks

With a focus on business policies, the Email Health Check provides a comprehensive report on the five pillars of your email program: compliance, infrastructure, content and design, reputation, and data hygiene. Have a question? We have answers. Our Experts are available to provide insight, guidance, and confidence to make sense of your data and optimize your email program.

Don't believe they’re the best?

Let them show you. Hear some of our Experts talk all things deliverability:

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