Ours is the most comprehensive platform for email reputation monitoring

Harness our proprietary data

Analyze spam trap hits or suspicious mail using our sensor network so you can identify issues quickly. We built this sensor network ourselves to offer you a diverse set of data sources, analyzed to give you the value you need (and deserve).

Eliminate your blind spots

Integrate third-party data sources to create a full picture including Google Postmaster Tools, Microsoft SNDS, and more. Your 360 degree view empowers you to understand your email program’s performance like never before, even when it comes to activity outside our platform.

  • Track spam traps and complaint rates at Gmail,, Laposte, Sfr, and Orange
  • Monitor domain and IP reputation at Gmail with our industry-first integration with Google Postmaster Tools
  • Keep track of spam filter results at through Smart Network Data Services (SNDS)
  • Integrate all of your mail streams and ESP(s) to make 250ok your single source of truth

“The biggest value of 250ok is the depth of email data and quality service. The applications are stronger and easier to use than competitors.”

Jason Ullmer
Email Marketing Manager - Furniture Row

Be empowered to be proactive

Monitor blacklist and complaint activity, and suppress problematic addresses to avoid reputation issues before they arise. After all, it’s way easier to avoid an issue than it is to resolve it.

Manage problematic addresses

By collecting your feedback loop reports, we’ll detect sudden increases in complaints that may cause deliverability issues and help you suppress your most troublesome recipients.

It's time to get the data you need and unleash your email's potential.