Inbox Placement

The evolution of engagement analytics starts here.

Understand where your emails are landing

Test your inbox placement at major mailbox providers before or during your send.

Notice something seems off? Pinpoint the issue, implement a fix, and carry on with your bad self to get the most out of your email program.

Keep your eye on the biggest prize

Use our Seedlist Optimizer to prioritize your results based on the make-up of your mailing list, so you get the most important information first.

Then you can figure out where to spend your time, whether that’s on focusing on specific ISPs to improve delivery or keeping an eye on particular blacklists causing you grief.

Less isn’t always more

250ok offers unparalleled coverage of B2B and B2C mailbox providers around the globe. Complement your inbox placement reporting with trends and anomalies from bounce and complaint rates, Microsoft filter results, Google Postmaster reputation, and more.

“We are able to better identify engagement-based filtering per domain, something we would never have been possible to monitor without 250ok”

Jason Ullmer
Email Marketing Manager - Furniture Row

Automate your monitoring and alerts

Live outside the app with custom email, SMS, Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, and webhook alerts. Set it and forget it. Focus on what matters to you, free of pointless notifications.

Leverage expert services and support

When sending commercial email, it’s important to understand what’s likely to happen the next time you send to a recipient at a particular mailbox provider. Are your messages hitting spam at Yahoo or going missing at Comcast?

The good news: We have a team of email deliverability Experts to help you build context around any challenges you might face. Ask for examples of deliverability issues 250ok diagnosed, triaged, and quickly resolved after other competitors failed.

It's time to get the data you need and unleash your email's potential.