Engagement Analytics

Best-in-class analytics that produce insights and more, for you and your team

Add to your ESP’s visibility with 250ok’s automated tracking pixel

Go beyond open and click rates by integrating real-time data directly from your mail streams to understand when, how, and why customers are engaging with your content.

Link up with your ESP, no matter what it is

250ok works out of the box with major email service providers including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SendGrid, Amazon SES, and more. In fact, we work with virtually every ESP.

But why stop there? We also pull in data from major mailbox providers through Microsoft Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) and an industry-first integration with Google Postmaster Tools.

Customize data effortlessly

The days of glorified read-only reports are over. Now you can slice and dice data to segment important groups of recipients matching any combination of demographics and filters.

Additionally, you can track custom properties and parameters, such as age, gender, location, and [enter anything here], to better identify and segment your recipients for targeting and analysis. This is for you, so why not make it yours?

“It was very helpful to have access to 250ok’s Experts to bounce questions off of when analyzing deliverability trends and interpreting the data in the platform.”

Alex Gray
Director of Digital Engagement - Oceana

Measure performance, holistically

Let 250ok be your source of truth in a single, unified view of email performance.

Our application’s experience is personalized for each customer, from reporting dashboards to custom Slack alerts. Set it and forget it. Focus on what matters to you, noise-free.

Improve your tracking and targeting

Inform your campaign strategy with in-depth insights including geolocation, engagement duration, open timing, top email clients, and device usage.

It's time to get the data you need and unleash your email's potential.