Design Previews

Bring together the intelligence of our data with the foresight of email rendering to maximize your email’s performance.

Witness the intersection of deliverability and design

Go beyond design and work with email analytics to supercharge your creative expertise:

  • Run spam tests to check for blacklistings and see inbox or spam folder placement at major mailbox providers
  • Verify your images, links, and content are working as expected, whether you're measuring load time or testing accessibility
  • Harness A/B testing, share test results across teams, update and fix on the fly, all to create the email of your dreams

Ensure flawless creative

Eliminate development challenges with an interactive editor and optimization suite. Use the data we provide to optimize your HTML and keep your email 100.

The best part? 250ok’s editor supports multiple A/B test variants so you can roll up multiple templates into a single design test, which is then easily shareable across your entire team, keeping everyone empowered and in the know. (We get into that a little farther down.)

“One of the things I have most appreciated about 250ok is having access to such knowledgeable people, and knowing that I can count on them.”

Lori Deregt
Marketing Manager - PeopleConnect

See the future (kind of)

Skip the guessing game and know what your recipients see. Get instant email previews on more than 70 devices and clients, prioritized by the open percentages of your actual subscribers.

Stop, collaborate, and design

Rally your troops. Flag issues for review, comment with your ideas, assign tasks, and keep your team on the same page. No more worrying about how to get internal and external stakeholders on board. Now, you can share links directly to tests and keep everyone in the same nerve center, so no feedback gets lost.

It's time to get the data you need and unleash your email's potential.