Alert Center

Get the right alerts at the right time

Mindfully tailor your alerts

Set action-based alerts for the signals that matter most to your business goals, not someone else’s idea of your goals. With this clarity, you can only stop what you’re doing when you need to, because you know you’ve set alerts only for the items requiring that level of care.

Use Web Hooks and API integrations for however you best communicate. Prefer to get emails to alert you to an issue? Rather have a Slack alert hit you immediately? Your call, totally.

Eliminate noise

Don’t give in to alarm fatigue. Only alert the right people at the right time, for only the right things, so notifications never lose their purpose or their appropriate magnitude.

“250ok has built a best-of-breed platform that addresses the concerns of today’s data-driven marketers.”

Len Shneyder
Vice President of Industry Relations - Twilio SendGrid

Alerts for everyone: If this, alert that

The power of alerts go far beyond notifications. Campaign strategy, delivery ops, and compliance teams can trigger workflows by directly integrating 250ok’s outbound alert webhooks:

  • "Gmail accounts for 25% of our list. Immediately pause sending if inbox placement dips below 90%"
  • "If a customer hits pristine spam traps, send us a webhook to suspend the account"
  • "If 250ok sees a spike in infrastructure issues, open a working ticket in our support desk"

It's time to get the data you need and unleash your email's potential.