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A company that puts its heart into its clients

The Origin Story

250ok’s founder Greg Kraios doesn’t like the status quo. Never has. When life brought him to the email industry via ExactTarget (which is now Salesforce Marketing Cloud), he noticed there wasn’t a whole lot of options for people looking to be better at email. You could either use the legacy deliverability company or not. Even if you were frustrated by their customer support, limited by their lack of innovation, or shackled by their cost, other options didn’t really exist.

Until he decided to change things.

250ok was born of a desire to mix s#!t up and give people the opportunity to send better, more successful email without all of the BS. Thanks to the right mix of passionate people, intelligently designed software, and the will to not settle for less than the very best, eight years later 250ok is the leading email analytics company powering four of the top six US retail eCommerce companies by sales share in 2018.

About 250ok

The Glow-Up

How did we do it? Witchcraft.

Just kidding, we did it through hard work, dedication, and a pack of passionate nerds dead-set on improving email analytics and driving real value in the industry.


We treat our staff and our clients like family. We believe you should be able to trust your family, even your weirdest uncles, so we are dedicated to responsibly and ethically collecting and protecting data. For those who trust no one, and for relatively good reason, you might be comforted to learn we are SOC 2 Type II Certified, verifying we adhere to the highest standards of security.

Really, we wouldn’t be here without the help and support of the email community, and we’ve enjoyed years of collaboration and partnership with some premier organizations.

250ok SOC-2 Type II Certified

We're in good company

We’re always looking to work with senders who want more from their email programs. Contact us and we’ll get right to work figuring out how we can help you supercharge your emails for more value, using the whole picture of email intelligence that only we can provide.

Are you?

Looking to help us steer the ship? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the open positions on our team.

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